Pay Per Click Management

Want instant visibility on the Web?

Pay Per Click marketing (PPC) is the most effective way to generate immediate traffic to your website – and you only pay when your ad is clicked. Pay per click marketing is results-based marketing at its finest – you pay only when people look at your information.

What is a Google Pay Per Click Program?

A Google pay per click program is an online marketing platform where an advertiser pays for each click their ad receives. These ads only appear when the keywords the advertiser chooses are queried. PPC ads are found on Google as the sponsored results, on the top and right hand side.

Why have a Google Per Per Click Program?

In general, online search can be looked at as a question. The searcher is actively seeking information and when this happens, your PPC ad text becomes more than an advertisement, it becomes a potential answer to that question. It is for this reason that SDI Marketing keeps track of which keywords and which ads are generating the most ROI for our clients. The key to PPC marketing is linking a searcher’s question to a keyword, linking that keyword to a text ad, and sending the click on that ad to the most appropriate landing page on the client’s website.

What are your Goals?

The most important aspect of any search marketing campaign is the setting of goals and the measurement of results. SDI Marketing can help you set meaningful campaign goals and make sure that these goals are accurately measured so that future marketing decisions can best be made. By using Google Analytics, you will be able to track your goals and make appropriate decisions based on live campaign metrics.

Our Google Pay Per Click Program includes:

The best online marketing campaigns combine both SEO and PPC advertising to create a comprehensive approach to search engine marketing