Several years ago we hired a local internet marketing firm to update our web-site. We verbally and in writing told them our story, what we manufactured and our thoughts on what the web-site should look like. They nodded in appreciation, smiled knowingly and seemed very confident that our story would be presented in the manner most beneficial to an industrial manufacturer. Several months later, what they produced was horrid – a cookie cutter effort more suited to a retail establishment. And Frank, our designer; he no longer worked for them, but Seth would do a better job. Making a long story short, they were very good on promises and very short on results. And to be honest, we were also at fault in that we were busy running our business and had neither the expertise nor time to ride herd on our marketing firm – that is what we hired them for. We would try to kick-start them every six months or so, nothing would result, and we would repeat the procedure - after two years, we all lost interest.

Our existing web site was really tired. We contacted SDI Marketing and verbally and in writing told John our story. John researched our industry, viewed the web-sites of our competitors, gave us examples of other web-site styles he thought appropriate, and asked us to indicate which we liked. Very quickly John had the bones of our site up, and rode herd on us to produce the flesh. Without John at the reins, I am sure we would still be talking about it, rather than enjoying our new look. As I stated earlier, we lack the expertise, interest and time to produce a web-site. John kept us focused and on track to finish the project quickly – you really can’t let it drag or you will not finish.

I recommend the service offered by SDI Marketing. It worked for us. In addition to technical expertise and design savvy, they bring to the table project management. Others talk about it, but few deliver. SDI delivered for us. If you would like to talk further about our experience, give me a call.

- Mike B.

The website design and development process you brought has been a rewarding experience for us. In a condensed time frame SDI Marketing has delivered a customized, tailored and informative product that describes, demonstrates, and illustrates our products, services, capability and expertise in the Architectural, Industrial, and Custom Sheet Metal Industry.

It was exciting to see progress (literally overnight) develop from words, thoughts and images into a fluid, well organized and logical web page presentation format. We are particularly interested in the Content Management System, with constant innovation in this field, we want to take advantage of the technology, and keep our new website fresh and up to date with new projects, products and services.

- Mike R.

I just wanted to pass along to you what a pleasure it has been working with SDI Marketing to update our website. Your help has been invaluable. Your knowledge of our business allowed you to contribute unique ideas that only someone with your background could. Others say they will help with your website, but you really did it.

- Bob W.

Just a quick note to thank you and your team for helping our sales results go up faster than I ever hoped for. Our hits on our web site are running 34% higher than 2010. Our Conversion rate on hits transformed to sales is at exactly 8%. Our sales increase for 2011 thus far is above 90%. Our profits are a big secret but they are excellent. Thanks for the great effort.

- Norm J.

John has been very helpful with understanding our business and helping us put together a new website. He has helped us with our strategy to help our customers find what is most important on our website which includes the design and functionality. Our old website was outdated so John put his team on it and developed an outstanding new site which has greatly impressed our customers. Thanks John, we could not have done it without you.

- Rob LaPointe - V.P.